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We're a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal act straight outta Kochi. This journey of ours kicked off on the first of May, 2021... We're all heavily influenced by legends like Motley Crue, Skid Row, White Snake, Iron Maiden, Scorpions and all that jazz. We've got MK on leads, KM on drums, JK on bass, Salas Stewert doing rhythm and backing vocals and Amal Dev Nambiar doing frontman duties.

On November 5th, 2021, we kickstarted the band with our debut single "ROCKIN' HEAD" which is now available on youtube and other music streaming platforms. Rockin' Head is a song about a bunch of guys screaming (really loud) out their love for Rock. 

4 months later, On 11th March, 2022, we put forth our second single "WATCH ME DIE", streaming now on Youtube and other streaming platforms. n this song we look at a very desperate angle of love and obsession. Drenched in fury and narcissistic behavior, we touch upon the very deepest darkest versions of ourselves. 


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